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Harbin Dazhong Roulian Food Co., Ltd.*(哈爾濱大眾肉聯食品有限公司) (“Haroulian”), formerly known as Harbin Meat Processing Factory. It was first established and founded by a British merchant in Hashidao District (Fujiadian) in 1913. The enterprise has a long story of profound development and is an enterprise well-established for over a century with high reputation and credibility. It engages in hog slaughtering, raw pork processing, production of processed meat products and business of affiliated areas. It was one of the three well-known enterprises in Habu District, and was among the top 10 enterprises in the meat and food industry in China.
The enterprise has its own testing center, inspection and quarantine team. It has adopted the production line developed by the Netherlands, international advanced cooling and segmenting technology and automatic processing equipment. It also has introduced advanced technical equipments from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Denmark and has equipped with innovated research and development, testing processing system.
Haroulian, is one of the first batch of enterprises recognized as “China Time-honored Brands (中華老字號)” by the Ministry of Commerce and has been recognized as a national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization and a well-known trademark in China by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. It has received various certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ORSAS 18001 and ISO 22000. Haroulian has dozens of awards such as the “National Silver Award” by the China National Quality Certification Committee*, the “Highest Award” of the first China Food Expo*, the “Golden Award for Traditional Taste of Meat Products” by China Meat Association*, the “Advanced Enterprise of China Meat Products”* and the “Most Valuable Brand of China Meat Products Industry”*, etc. Haroulian’s red sausage production technique has been recognized as Heilongjiang’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, which fully demonstrates the high recognition of the Harouian by the market and customers.
(* for identification purposes only)
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